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Trinity Enrich is a day conference to enrich and equip women serving Jesus at their churches. Whether you’re a Bible study leader, kids’ church teacher, pastors’ wife or volunteer in other ministry, come along to be encouraged by Bible talks, interviews, hands-on workshops, fellowship and networking with like-minded women.

Main Speaker – Jane Tooher

Jane will be looking at The Throne of Grace

Jane serves on the faculty of Moore Theological College, where she lectures in Ministry, Church History, and is the Director of the Priscilla & Aquila Centre. Before joining the faculty, she served in local church ministry in Australia and the UK. God saved her when a friend invited her to the Christian group in high school. It was there that she began studying the Bible for the first time, despite having grown up going to church each week. She loves walking, wide open spaces, movies, hospitality, the local church, equipping the saints, and seeing people saved.


There are two opportunities to attend workshops during the day. The options are below. Please select one morning option and one afternoon option.

Morning Workshops (Participants choose one):

1. Thinking Theologically part 1 - Jane Tooher
Have you come across a topic and wondered how Christian should approach it or think about it? In this workshop, we will think about the principles of ‘thinking theologically’ and how we might tackle a topic in from a Christian viewpoint.


2. Writing Lament - Miriam Lochore
The wounds of ministry are real. We will experience suffering, both personally and as witnesses to the suffering of others. It can be very tempting to brush these encounters aside and to deal with pain by burying it. Thankfully the Bible gives us many examples of ways to process difficult experiences in the context of faith in a good and loving God. In this workshop we will follow the example of the psalms of lament by writing our own poems of lament.

Miriam Lochore is a writer intrigued by the intersection of faith, art and messy human lives. After eleven years in country ministry with her husband, she returned to academia in 2019 and currently lectures in creative writing at Sheridan Institute of Higher Education in Western Australia. She and her family go to East Fremantle Baptist Church. Her latest poetry collection is Who Comes Calling?


3. Catering - Jacinta Patterson
Jesus might be able to feed 5000 with a bit of fish and bread, but maybe you can’t! While we’re not miracle workers, we can gain skills in feeding crowds in order to make ministry happen. If you want to help facilitate meals, but you feel intimidated, then this seminar is for you. We’re going to get practical with logistics, menu planning (including those trickier dietary issues), and where to get help and ideas.

Celeste Boska and Jacinta Patterson are both graduates of Trinity who love food and cooking on camps. They’re keen to equip more people with this skill so that going to Christian events means you get fed well both physically and spiritually! Celeste works at Notre Dame for the Australian Fellowship of Evangelical Students and Jacinta is working at Providence Bayswater.


Afternoon Workshops (participants choose one)

4. Thinking Theologically part 2 - Jane Tooher 
(only select if you have also selected part 1)
In this workshop, we will think continue to delve into about the principles of ‘thinking theologically’ and begin to apply them to some everyday examples.


5. Reading the Bible with those struggling to read - Sharon Jackson
For Christians who cannot read, the Reformation motto “Scripture Alone” can seem a burden, not a blessing. This seminar will help you read, study and teach the Bible in a sensitive and inclusive way with people who speak English as their first language but have difficulty reading English.

Sharon Jackson is a country pastor’s wife and mum to four (and a delightful daughter-in-law) who are almost all in the midst of leaving the family nest. For the last 8 years she’s worked teaching men to read at a maximum-security prison. She has lead women’s Bible studies and children’s Sunday school classes at her local church and with coworkers and friends. She enjoys reading, kick boxing and K-dramas. Her favourite word is “dwell”, and she longs to dwell in the house of the LORD forever.


6. "What's Next" Ministry and life transitions - Alexia Horton & Kerry Newill
Are you wondering what ministry might look like for you in the next stage of life?  Maybe the kids are now all at school, or they’ve grown up and left home, or you’re thinking about retiring or cutting down hours at work. When our circumstances change, we sometimes find ourselves asking, ‘what’s next?’ If that’s you and you think it would be helpful to discuss those questions with like-minded women, come along ready to share and discuss.

In this workshop we will divide into small groups of 3-4 women in similar stages of life. Together (with the aid of a facilitator) we’ll listen to each other’s situations and explore ideas and options for ministry in the next stage of life.

April 20th, 2024 from  9:00 AM to  3:30 PM
Trinity Theological College
Trinity House, Level 2
632 Newcastle Street
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Mobile: 9228 9067
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Standard $75.00
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